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Best Kodi Addons for Movies, TV, Sports (2021)

In this article, we intend to line up the best Kodi addons available on the web. Here is the list of the Kodi addons that let you stream a variety of video content on your Kodi supported platforms including Fire TV Line of Devices (Fire Stick 4K, FireStick, Fire TV Cube etc), Desktop Computers (Windows, Mac & Linux), Mobiles & Tablets (Android & iOS) and others such as Android TV, Android TV Boxes, and Raspberry Pi. These addons are supported on Kodi 18 Leia as well as recently phased out version Kodi 17.6 Krypton.

best kodi addons

Once you have installed Kodi on FireStick or any other device, you would want to start watching your favorite video content such as Movies, Shows, Live TV, etc. You probably already know that Kodi doesn’t stream anything on its own unless it is equipped with video addons. You may think of add-ons as the plugins that act as a bridge between Kodi and the expansive pool of content available on the internet.

In simplest words, to start streaming with Kodi, you need video addons. And, this article marshals the best one we have scoured and scooped out from the web. There are many more addons out there than what we have published here. After testing literally hundreds of addons, we left out the majority of them as they were simply useless. We want to make sure you have access only to the best Kodi addons.

Yet, the world of Kodi addons is unpredictable. No one can guarantee whether a Kodi addon that works this moment will work the next. While we keep testing these addons and modifying regularly, we admit we might miss out some of them. So, if you encounter any non-working addon on this list, or you run into a great addon that you believe should be a part of this list, please feel free to let us know through the comments section below.

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Best Kodi addons for Movies & TV Shows

We all love watching movies and shows and with these best Kodi addons, you will have easy access to all you want to watch. From the latest movie releases to the newly aired episodes, these add-ons have it all. But, that won’t be all. These addons also offer you a decent collection of documentaries, animation, anime, kids’ videos and a lot more.

Exodus Redux

As I write this, Exodus Redux is one of the most popular Kodi addons for movies and TV shows. It is popular not just because it shares a part of its name with another addon Exodus, which was also incredibly popular once. Exodus Redux delivers high-quality entertainment. It employs Lambda Scrapers that are known to be extremely effective at scraping the top-notch streaming links from the web.

Exodus Redux has a big library of video content, both latest and old. It is quick to install and easy to use. With easy to understand categories and a simple layout, the addon lets you find the desired content easily. You can start streaming within a few minutes. It lets you watch videos in up to 1080p resolution. However, when you pair it with Real Debrid premium account, you will find several 4K streams as well.

How to Stay Safe While Streaming with Kodi

Looks like you are all set to start watching your favorite content. However, do not forget that all your streaming activities and your online identity are still unprotected and exposed to your Government and your ISP. Streaming with third-party services may cause legal trouble.

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expressvpn for kodi

Great! You have successfully secured yourself with the best Kodi VPN.

Now that you are protected with the best Kodi VPN, here’s how you can install Exodus Redux Kodi addon.


I have been using Yoda for quite some time. Even though it had its share of setbacks, as I write this piece, Yoda continues to perform superbly. There is no doubt that it is one of the best Kodi addons of today. The addon packs a solid collection of movies and shows. You will also find a good line-up of documentaries and videos for kids.

Yoda uses top-quality scrapers and makes sure you have plenty of streams to choose from. Whether you want to stream in 1080p, 720p or even SD quality, the addon will fetch all kinds of streams for you. If you have a Real Debrid premium account, Yoda will pair quickly with it and give you access to the highest quality streaming links that are there. Yoda installs quickly and offers a simple, user-friendly layout for ease of use.

How to install Yoda Kodi Addon

The Magic Dragon

This is another top-quality addon for streaming movies and TV shows. The Magic Dragon features a huge library of content and lets you start streaming with incredible ease. It is fast, reliable and features the recently released movies, episodes, documentaries, stuff for kids and a lot more. It is widely believed that The Magic Dragon is a rebranded Dogs Bollocks addon, which was one of the most popular addons once.

The Magic Dragon is equipped with a better set of scrapers with its apparent predecessor. Hence, it provides better quality and faster streaming. There are plenty of categories to choose the content from. Just pick a movie title or episode and the addon will immediately start looking for streams. In no time, it will line up the links for you to choose from. The Magic Dragon pairs with Real Debrid too to provide even higher quality streaming options.

How to install Magic Dragon Kodi Addon


DejaVu is a collection of on-demand content including movies and shows. However, it also branches out into IPTV and provides a small but impressive collection of Live TV channels. The addon has smooth navigation and fast playback. It comes with regular as well as special categories. Besides movies and shows, you may also stream content for Kids, documentaries, CCTV footages, online radio, etc.

DejaVu addon not only supports Real Debrid, but also has several special categories dedicated to this premium hoster. It goes without saying that the Real Debrid content delivers higher-quality and better streaming experience. All in all, DejaVu is a wonderful Kodi addon to have at this time. Therefore, we have also added it to our list of best addons for Kodi.

How to install DejaVu on Kodi


This Kodi addon has a huge catalog of movies and shows, just like all other addons on this list. And, as I write this guide, Tempest works superbly on all fronts. It organizes the content in the easy to follow categories. Since the layout is simple, you will have no problem finding the content you want to stream. The addon offers fast navigation as well as quick streaming.

Scraping ability is one of the most important aspects of any Kodi addon. Thankfully, Tempest uses the popular scrapers to find you the top-notch streaming links. It also supports Real-Debrid, letting you find even better-quality links. Of course, there is Trakt integration too, in case you would like to keep a log of your streaming activities.

How to install Tempest Kodi Addon


Venom was an obvious choice for this list of Best Kodi addons for a variety of reasons. First, this on-demand addon is doing a fabulous job grabbing the quality streaming links. Second, it has a simple layout with easy to use categories. Venom addon only offers Movies and Shows but puts in full efforts to provide a satisfactory experience to the users. Real Debrid and Trakt sign-in ability to enhance your streaming experience further.

Not only does Venom have a huge content library, but it also keeps adding new movies and shows regularly. You will never run out of streaming options. Go ahead and give it a try.

How to install Venom Addon


Watchdogs is one of those Kodi addons that not only offers on-demand movies and shows but also present a solid collection of Live TV channels. Yes, there are a handful of such addons out there, but for most of them the Live TV section is mostly non-functional or of little use. On the other hand, Watchdogs Kodi addon features a number of TV channels and a lot of them work.

However, don’t be mistaken. Watchdogs is not a Live TV addon. It is primarily for movies and shows with a small section for satellite channels. You will find a big library of content and the addon lets you stream in up to 1080p quality. If you want better streams, you will want to pair it with Real-Debrid. I have been using WatchDogs for some time and I really like it. I recommend you give it a go.


Seren is not just another Kodi addon. The one very important thing to note about Seren is that it does not have any free streams as I write this article. The addon works only with two premium multihoster services – Real Debrid and Premiumize. There is a fair chance you must have already heard of Real-Debrid. In fact, I have mentioned it quite a few times already here. Premiumize, on the other hand, isn’t very popular. I have used both and I recommend using Real-Debrid.

Only the premium links make sure that Seren offers much better-quality streaming than most addons on this list. You can stream in up to 4K resolution and almost all the links work. Seren Kodi addon is also decently fast. It pulls the streams in a flash and offers almost instant playback. By spending less than $5 a month on Real-Debrid, you can ed high-quality entertainment. And, Real-Debrid can be used with other addons as well as many FireStick apps.

How to install Seren addon on Kodi

Yify Movies HD

Whether you have been a regular or casual torrenter, it is unlikely of one name to skip your attention – Yify. Yify is a huge name in the world of torrenting. It is known to provide a huge library of movies through P2P networking.

Since we now have Kodi, torrenting is not the only option to watch your favorite content. Looks like Yify developers realized this very well and hence came up with the idea to create a Kodi addon that pulls the content from their existing database.

Yify is a premium-only addon with no free links as I write this piece. You must pair it either with Real-Debrid (recommended) or Premiumize. I am not sure whether the free links will be added to it in the future. But, I have Real-Debrid and I am enjoying the quality entertainment Yify Movies HD Kodi addon offers. Go ahead and give it a try!

A Pirate’s Life for Me

A Pirate’s Life for Me is a lot like Yify Movies HD in the way that it also offers streaming through torrenting. However, this addon also features TV Shows besides movies. And, like Yify, this addon also works the best if you have paired it with Real Debrid or Premiumize service. A Pirate’s Life for Me does feature a bunch of free links but they aren’t really good. I like my streaming to be smooth and that’s what this addon offers with premium links.

The content collection is impressively big and there is just about everything you would want to watch. The addon is decently fast too in terms of fetching the links as well as playback.

Death from Above

Death From Above is a Kodi addon, which itself is a collection of several Kodi addons. As I write this article, this addon features eight add-ons all from the same developer Falcon. With this array of Kodi addons, you can expect to stream all sorts of content, including shows, movies, sports, etc.

I would have put this addon somewhere around the top. However, I have noticed that all its addons do not work all the time. Usually, just four of them work for the most part. But, that’s okay, because the four are enough to provide plenty of streaming options.

Much like the other addons on this list of Best Kodi Addons, Death From Above also pairs with third-party services like Real-Debrid and Trakt. It may not be the best addon, but it sure is worth a try.

T2K 1 Click Movie Addon

If you like addons that let you start watching your favorite content in a single click, T2K 1 Click Movie Kodi addon is the one you would want to consider. This addon offers quick playback because it does not spend time looking for multiple streams. Click the content you want to watch and the playback will start.

One drawback of most one-click Kodi addons is that they pick the stream for you they consider is the best. You don’t have any say in that matter. Thankfully, T2K 1 Click Movie addon usually plays high-quality streams. If you have paired it with Real-Debrid, you get even better results.

T2K 1 Click Movie is a movie-only addon. You will find plenty of movies here including the latest ones. It is a fast Kodi addon with a lot of entertainment value.


Gaia has seen a fair share of ups and downs. It is one of the oldest Kodi addons and has been around for many years. However, its journey hasn’t been smooth as it has been taken down a bunch of times. Thankfully, Gaia is now back in business and as I write this guide it provides high-quality entertainment. It features tons of TV Shows, Movies and plenty of other videos including Kids’ shows, Documentaries and more. It takes a bit of doing to set up Gaia 4, the latest version. However, once you are done, you will have an amazing time. Gaia also pairs with Real-Debrid and Trakt for an even better experience.

How to Install Gaia Kodi Addon


Just like Death from Above we have on this list of best Kodi addons, DeathStar is also a collection of multiple video-addons. With more than 30 addons in its inventory, this Kodi addon makes up for a wonderful entertainment experience. DeathStar lets you watch all sorts of videos including your favorite TV Shows and Movies. You can also stream Sports content and Live TV.

The addon takes a bit longer to install, and that’s justifiable because it comes with dozens of addons. If you have DeathStar, you have access to a whole expanse of video content. All of its addons may not work all the time, but there are still plenty to keep you glued.

Movie Theater Butter

Movie Theater Butter could have been so easily a regular on-demand addon. However, it clearly stands out from the crowd for a variety of reasons. The addon provides top-quality entertainment with lots of movies and TV shows. What I like the best about this Kodi addon is that it is available in two versions as two separate addons. The first one is the regular version that fetches multiple streams for the requested video. This version is capable of streaming in up to 4K resolution.

The other version offers one-click playback allowing you to start streaming instantly. However, it limits the streaming quality to 720p. I personally prefer the regular version because I like my streams to be high-resolution. However, when I am streaming on my mobile phone, I switch to the one-click version because 720p is good enough for small screens for me. Of course, it is entirely up to you to choose.

The Kratos

If you have tried and used one of the addons on the top of this list of best Kodi addons, you may not be interested in The Kratos addon as much. This Kodi addon works and lets you watch movies and shows. However, it is not as good at pulling quality streams as many other addons here.

Don’t get me wrong though. It’s not all that bad. In fact, it is quite good. You will like its massive database of content. You will also like how quickly it pulls the streams and how fast it plays them back. For these reasons, I was compelled to put Kratos among our top Kodi addons.


There have been several forks of the very popular Exodus Kodi addon and Scrubs is one of them. Exodus used to work fantastically once, but now it is all but gone. On the other hand, Scrubs works really well. It looks like the team behind this Kodi addon is still very active. The content library is updated regularly, and its scrapers are doing a solid job of pulling the quality streams.

Scrubs Kodi addon lets you stream movie and shows, kids’ videos and documentaries and more. You will find a lot of 720p HD links. If you are looking for more working 1080p streams, make sure you integrate your Real-Debrid account with this Kodi addon.

Mancave Tech Streams

Straight from the popular Mancave repository, Mancave Tech Streams brings to you a solid library of your favorite on-demand content. Whether you are looking to stream movies or watch the latest episodes, this Kodi addon will serve you all.

Even though I have put this addon this far down the list, I believe it has the making of becoming more popular and mainstream than it already is. Besides quality streaming, the addon shines on the speed front too. It gets you the streams quickly and also plays them back almost instantly.


Loki is one of the most popular characters among the Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans and followers. It isn’t really difficult to guess that this Kodi addon borrows its name from the same character.

Since Loki is an on-demand Kodi addon, you would expect it to deliver movies and shows. However, it has a lot more to explore including categories like Fitness, UFC, Sports, WWE, Karaoke, Music, Documentaries and more. In other words, Loki Kodi addon is an impressive assortment of a variety of streaming options and merits its place on this list of best Kodi addons.

How to install Loki Kodi Addon

Best Multipurpose Addons

There are addons for Movies, Shows, Live TV, Sports, Animation & Anime, and Kids. One way to go about watching your favorite videos is by installing the addons from each category separately. But, what if there was a way to get them all in one place? That’s exactly what these multipurpose add-ons are all about. They cover a wider range of categories, eliminating the need to install multiple add-ons individually.


T2K repository brings to you a series of Fladnag addons for a variety of streaming choices. Fladnag group consists of 6 independent addons that let you stream Movies, Shows, Animation, Sports, and more. Please note that these addons are not deployed on Kodi in a single installation. Each addon needs to be installed individually. I would have preferred if they were available through a single installation. Thankfully, these Kodi addons do not take too long to install.

Fladnag may not be the best option in this multipurpose category, but it sure is worth a look.

Top Live TV Addons

True cord-cutting is when you have access to the satellite channels on your internet connected media devices. The Live TV Kodi addons we have rounded up here let you stream your favorite cable TV channels from around the world on all your Kodi supported devices. You could install Kodi on FireStick and watch the satellite channels, or you could do that on the go on your Kodi compatible mobile devices. Here is our list of the best live TV Kodi addons. Take a look!


USTVNow is a paid and yet affordable live TV service that gives you access to a wide range of popular satellite channels from the United States. This Kodi addon is available through the Kodi Add-on Repository, which is the official Kodi repository. USTVNow service offers multiple plans with varying features. The basic plan starts at $14.99. It also offers a free plan with limited capabilities. With paid plans, you can stream as many as 24 channels. Look up for USTVNow Plus in the Kodi Add-on Repository to install this addon.

The Players Klub

The Players Klub is also a paid Live TV/IPTV service with a huge collection of satellite channels from the USA and many other countries. You can get started with just $8 a month, which, in my opinion, is very cost-effective. The service has a dedicated app for FireStick and a working Kodi addon for other platforms.

cCloud TV

There is no doubt that cCloud TV is one of the best live TV Kodi addons I have come across. This Kodi addon brings to you a whole range of live TV channels from the US, UK and many other parts of the world. Everything you want to stream here is free. Whether you like live sports, live movies, news, or live TV shows, cCloud has it all.

For the most part content quality is anywhere between acceptable to good. However, you may notice that some channels stream in low resolution. Sadly, there isn’t anything we can do about it. Honestly, there aren’t a lot of good live TV options out there. Therefore, cCloud easily makes it to our best Kodi addons list for Live TV streaming.

How to install cCloud TV addon

Best Kodi addons for Sports

Sports is one of the most watched genres on traditional TV as well as over the internet. Kodi is one incredibly popular media tool and it would be remiss of me to not mention some of the top sports Kodi addons. So, here goes our list.


While talking about the sports Kodi addons, SportsDevil is the first name to cross our mind. If you have been using Kodi even for a small amount of time, there is a fair chance you must have noticed this addon or at least heard of it. In fact, many sports addons require SportsDevil as a supporting addon.

I would have gone all gaga about this Kodi addon a year back. However, now I only see the remnants of its past glory. Yes, the addon still has a lot of categories and tons of streams to choose from. However, it hasn’t delivered consistent performance for a while. Some videos do work, but many do not. I hope the developers start maintaining this addon soon.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is an official Kodi addon from the Fox network. You must have a subscription to Fox channel in order to stream content through this addon. Since Fox may not be available everywhere, its services are restricted to the US and a bunch of other countries. It is a paid addon and delivers a high-quality streaming experience. If you are fine with spending some money, try Fox Sports Go.

Best Kodi Addons for Streaming WWE / MMA

World of Wrestling

Wrestling is an incredibly popular sport and it only makes sense to have a dedicated addon for it. World of Wrestling is one of the best Kodi addons to watch wrestling related content. There is a huge library of content to be explored and streamed. Whether you are looking for Shows, PPV events, Live PPV events or some wrestling specials, World of Wrestling has it all.

Best Kodi Addons for Kids, Cartoons & Anime

If you have kids or even if you enjoy animation or anime, I am rounding up some of the top Kodi addons for such type of content. These are some of the most widely used and popular Kodi addons. Take a look!


If you are looking for a Kodi addon that gives you access to a huge collection of Anime and Cartoon content, ToonMania2 should be the first addon you should consider. It is an incredibly amazing addon that offers a delightful entertainment experience. It is not just about the big content library. It is important for the addon to stream the content too. While using ToonMania2, you will notice that it works lightning fast. Just browse to the video you want to stream and click it. It will start streaming almost instantly. This Kodi addon also keeps adding new working addons regularly and removing the non-working ones immediately.

Kids Tube

Kids Tube is a highly functional Kodi addon for little kids. This addon has been designed for really young kids probably under 4 years. You will find an extensive collection of videos and exceptional quality playback. The addon is fast and starts streaming content in almost no time. The addon features nursery rhymes, special section for toddlers, and a lot of play time videos. You can install it from the Kodil repository. It is easily one of the best Kodi addons for kids.


It is a freemium Kodi addon available through the official Kodi Add-on Repository and lets you watch lots of animation movies and shows. The free subscription is ad-based, and the advertisements could be a little annoying. Also, with the free account, you get only one screen. To get rid of the advertisements and to enjoy two screens, you can buy a yearly subscription of $59.99. If you would like to go month-to-month basis, the monthly plan will cost you $5.99.

Best Music Addons

If you are a Kodi user and a music enthusiast at the same time, you must be looking for some addons to play music. I did some research and found the following Kodi addons as the most viable choices to enjoy music.

Now Music

Now Music presently has two variants – Now Music and Now Music USA. The former features the songs from all around the world (also including the US). Now Music USA lists only the music from the United States. Please note that both are video-addons that let you stream music videos. With an impressive collection of numbers and quality playback, Now Music (both versions) is definitely one of the best Kodi Addons for music.

MP3 Streams

If you are a music lover, I am confident you will enjoy having this addon on Kodi. The huge media library of MP3 Streams covers all the popular genres including rock, metal rock, jazz, pop, rap, and a lot more. You will also find music from a lot of popular artists here. The addon is fast and lets you quickly browse and play music. You may even create a playlist of your favorite songs for quick access.

TuneIn Radio

As the name suggests, this addon lets you tune in to your favorite radio stations. You can stream radio not only from the US but many other parts of the world including the UK and Canada. Besides radio, the addon also features regular links to stream songs. TuneIn is a popular radio service and this addon gives you access to it through Kodi.


There are plenty of music videos on YouTube available to be streamed for free. You don’t need to download a YouTube app or visit the YouTube website to listen to those songs anymore. With the YouTube addon, you can do it directly through Kodi. Simply install this addon and start exploring your favorite artists or songs. Many video-addons auto-install YouTube as a supporting addon. However, if you don’t have it already, you can download it from the Kodil repository.

Best Kodi Fitness/ Workouts Addons

Whether you want to self-train yourself, maintain a fitness regime, need dietary tips, or looking for some instructional videos, following Kodi addons will help you with your fitness goals. I have used these addons personally and can vouch for their quality.

Pulse Fitness

Pulse Fitness has been around for a while and I will not mince any words saying that it has been one of the best Kodi addons in the fitness category. There are dozens of guides, tips, and instructional videos for you to watch, follow and stay fit. Most streams offer one-click, quick playback making sure you don’t have to wait too long to get started.

Ares Fitness

The developers of Ares are better known for its utility tool Ares Wizard. And, they also have this incredible Kodi addon for all the fitness enthusiasts out there. Install this addon and get access to loads of fitness related videos for all kinds of training and instructions.

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