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How to Install Kodi on FireStick


In this tutorial, you will learn to install Kodi 18 Leia on FireStick. It just takes a few minutes to get Kodi. The methods outlined here work on Fire TV Cube, FireStick 4K, and other Fire TV devices.

how to install kodi on firestick

Amazon FireStick is probably the most popular media device currently. This uncomplicated little gadget quickly connects to any TV with HDMI port and gives you access to a wide range of streaming platforms including Kodi.

Kodi gives you more streaming choices than any other service, such as Hulu, Netflix or even Amazon Prime. What’s even more exciting is that most of what you want to watch is available for free. That is one of the biggest reasons why Kodi is so incredibly popular. Install Kodi is a.k.a jailbreaking FireStick.

Kodi is no longer available on the Amazon Store. While many popular stores, such as Google Play Store and Microsoft Store continue to host Kodi, you must install it manually on your FireStick. That’s what we are going to do now. We are going to sideload Kodi on FireStick. Keep reading!

Attention FireStick Users: Read before you continue

Your streaming activities are probably getting monitored constantly by your Government and your ISP. If you are caught streaming copyrighted videos on your FireStick, you are likely to get into serious legal trouble.

Your IP address is exposed to anyone who is watching. That is how they will track you. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you get a trusted VPN for Firestick right now and hide your online identity.

I am using ExpressVPN on all my devices as it is the most reliable, most secure, and the fasted VPN in the market. You can easily install and set up ExpressVPN on FireStick or any other device within minutes.

ExpressVPN offers you a money-return guarantee of 30 days. Also, you can claim 3-months free and save 49% on its annual plans.

READ: How to install and use VPN on Amazon FireStick / Fire TV

How to Install Kodi on FireStick

I will demonstrate multiple methods to install Kodi on FireStick. But first, I will start with my most favorite method involving the Downloader app. I prefer this method better than the others because Downloader is one incredibly easy to use sideloading app. Installing Kodi is just as good as jailbreaking FireStick. It opens up new and exciting avenues for streaming and entertainment. So, without much ado, let’s get started.

Part 1: Set up your FireStick to allow installation of Kodi

This is an incredibly important part and without taking care of this you cannot proceed with the installation. You will need it for this method and all other methods I have provided in this guide. What you are simply going to do is enable the Apps from Unknown Sources. Here is how it is done:

#1: Go to the home-screen of your FireStick or Fire TV and select the Settings option on the top-right

install kodi on firestick

#2: Now open the option My Fire TV when the Settings menu appears

install kodi on fire tv

#3: Click the option Developer Options

firestick kodi

#4: Now confirm that Apps from Unknown Sources is ON. If it is OFF, like you see in the image below, click it

kodi firestick

#5: You may ignore the warning message and click Turn on because we are going to install a safe app, Kodi on Fire TV or FireStick

install kodi

You are now ready to install Kodi.

Part 2: Install the Downloader App

I recommend Downloader app to every FireStick user who likes to stream through third-party apps like Kodi. It is a wonderful side-loading tool that makes the installation process incredibly easy.

To install Downloader, here is what you would do:

  • Go to the FireStick home-screen and navigate to the top-left to select the Search option (lens icon)
  • Now simply type in ‘Downloader’ (without quotes)
  • When the name of the app is displayed in the search results, click it
  • Click the Downloader icon next
  • Now click the Download button
  • Wait for the app to download and install

Part 3: Install Kodi 18 Leia on FireStick

Open the Downloader app you just installed and follow the steps below:

#1: On the Downloader home-screen, click the URL field on the right part of the window

firestick kodi

#2: Enter this URL and click GO:


kodi on firestick

#3: Allow the Downloader app to download the Kodi APK on FireStick. This may take a minute or two depending upon how fast your connection is

how to install kodi on firestick

#4: Scroll down to the bottom right of the next window and click Install when it replaces the Next button

install kodi on fire tv

#5: When Kodi is installed on FireStick, click OPEN to run it. If you want to use it any time later, click DONE. You can access Kodi from the Your Apps & Channels section. You can access this section by holding down the home button on your remote for a few seconds. Choose Apps on the pop-up window next.

how to get kodi on firestick

How to Start Using Kodi on FireStick

Great! So, you have finally installed Kodi on FireStick and are ready to explore the streaming world without any boundaries. That’s true, with Kodi there are limitless streaming opportunities.

However, before you start streaming on FireStick through Kodi, I would like to draw your immediate attention to something extremely important. Know that all your Kodi streaming activities are visible to your ISP as well as your Government. You could wind up getting involved in major legal hassles if you are caught watching the licensed/copyrighted content such as free TV Shows, Movies, etc.

I have wonderful news for you though. You can now watch all you want, whenever you want without having to remain constantly worried that someone might be watching. All you need is a trustworthy VPN service which will hide all your streaming activities from ISP, Government and other entities. A VPN will help you maintain your online privacy. At the same time, it will help you avoid Internet throttling and also let you bypass geo-restrictions.

Please note that we do not condone any practices that infringe copyright laws. Such infractions must be avoided. However, we also want to ensure you stay clear of any legal troubles and your privacy is always maintained.

For smooth, buffer-free streaming, you need a fast VPN, which does not curtail your connection speed. ExpressVPN is widely known as the fastest VPN. After having used ExpressVPN for a long time, I confidently recommend it to you.

Here is how you can secure your Kodi streaming activities with ExpressVPN:

Subscribe to ExpressVPN: Click HERE to get your ExpressVPN subscription. This subscription comes with a 30-day, hundred percent money-back guarantee. In other words, if for any unlikely reason you do not wish to continue with ExpressVPN, you can cancel the subscription within 30 days and get a full refund. No questions will be asked.

Install ExpressVPN on FireStick: Now what you want is the ExpressVPN app on your FireStick. You can download it from the Amazon Store. Choose the Search option/lens icon in the top-left corner of your FireStick home-screen. Now search for ExpressVPN.

1. Click ExpressVPN when you see it in the search results

kodi vpn on firestick

2. Click the ExpressVPN icon on the next window. Now, when this screen is displayed click Download

firestick vpn

3. When the ExpressVPN app is downloaded and installed, click Open. You may also open it later from Your Apps & Channels section

install kodi on firestick

4. Enter the ExpressVPN account credentials that you created during the subscription process. Click Sign In

vpn on firestick

5. Now is the time to make your FireStick, Kodi and all your streaming activities safe and undetectable. Click the Connect button and connect to the ExpressVPN server.

You may connect to the recommended server ExpressVPN has already chosen for you. You may also pick a server of your choice to connect to.

connect kodi vpn on firestick

You have secured your connection. You can now stream safely and without any worries.

Do you remember I told you that Kodi is only a media player and does not host any content of its own? For online streaming through Kodi, you need addons. There are dozens of addons out there for all your streaming needs. Movies, Shows, Live TV, Sports, you can watch it all.

Here is our list of recommended addons for Kodi: Best Kodi Addons

You may want to try:

Exodus Kodi Addon
Tempest Kodi Addon
Medusa Kodi Addon

You may also want to try a Kodi build. A build gives a visual makeover to Kodi for better user experience. At the same time, it gives you access to multiple addons all at one place without you having to install them separately. Explore our list of Best Kodi Builds and pick the one you like the most.

Alternate Methods to Install Kodi on FireStick

If you don’t like Downloader method for some reason, or it is not available in your region, I have some alternate methods too to install Kodi on FireStick. Let’s take a look!

Install Kodi on FireStick through ES File Explorer

I love Downloader as a sideloading tool. However, ES File Explorer is also a wonderful utility app. It is a file manager that effectively doubles as a sideloading application. Here are the steps to install Kodi on FireStick with the help of ES File Explorer:

#1: Use the Search option on the top-left of the Kodi home-screen and look up for the ES File Explorer app. Follow the onscreen instructions to install it (ignore this step if you already have it).

#2: Now go to FireStick Settings from the home-screen. Navigate to My Fire TV > Developer Options and enable Apps from Unknown Sources (screenshot instructions included with the Downloader app method above)

kodi on firestick

#3: Open ES File Explorer. On the right part of the window where you see a bunch of icons, click Downloader

firestick kodi

#4: Now navigate to the bottom of the screen and click +New

how to download kodi on firestick

#5: Type in the following URL where it says Path:


Enter Kodi or any name you like (or just leave it blank) where it says Name

Click Download now

download kodi on firestick

#6: Let ES File Explorer download the Kodi APK file on FireStick. When that’s done, click Open file

kodi for firestick

#7: Click Install

kodi on firestick

#8: Scroll down to the bottom right and click Install again

how to install kodi on firestick

You have successfully installed Kodi on FireStick.

How to Install Kodi on FireStick using FileLinked

FileLinked is quickly becoming one of the most preferred side-loading utilities for FireStick and Fire TV line of devices. I love the simplicity with which it downloads apps onto your device. Therefore, I decided it would be a good idea to include FileLinked as one of the alternate methods to install Kodi on FireStick. So, here we go:

#1: Use the Downloader app to download and install FileLinked from the following link:


Note: You can use the installation instructions provided in the Downloader method above to install Kodi. Simply replace this link with the Kodi link

how to install kodi on firestick

#2: Run FileLinked. Enter the code 16618949

Click Continue

install kodi on firestick

#3: You will see the Kodi 18.1 file listed on the screen. On the far right, click the download icon

kodi on firestick

#4: When the file has downloaded, you will see the Play button on the far right. Click it.

install kodi on firestick

#5: Navigate to the bottom right and click Install (it will replace the Next button that you see initially)

install kodi on fire tv

#6: Wait for the installation to complete

install kodi on firestick

You have installed Kodi on FireStick using the FileLinked app.

How to Install Kodi on FireStick from a PC

If you don’t want to install any third-party sideloading app, you can use a PC (Windows, Mac etc) to install Kodi on FireStick.

You will need the ES File Explorer app for this. Install it if you don’t have it already. Select the Search option (Lens icon) in the top-left corner of your FireStick home-screen and look up for ES File Explorer. Simple onscreen instructions will help you get it quickly.

The PC method is a bit complicated but nothing you can’t do if you follow the instructions carefully. Here are the steps:

#1: From the FireStick home-screen go to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options. Switch ON ADB Debugging

kodi on firestick

#2: Open ES File Explorer and click View on PC on the right

install kodi on fire tv

#3: Navigate to and click TURN ON

install kodi on firestick

#4: You should see an ftp address on the ES File Explorer screen (like mine is

Note it down

kodi on firestick

#5: On your PC, use any browser to download the Kodi APK from the following link: https://www.firestickhow.com/kodi

#6: Now open any folder window on your PC and enter the above ftp path in the address bar. You will see the list of all the folders on your FireStick

#7: On your PC, copy the Kodi APK you downloaded onto one of the FireStick folders. I prefer the Download folder (check the image above)

#8: On your FireStick, return to ES File Explorer and click Local on the left followed by Home (2nd one)

install kodi on fire tv

#9: On your FireStick, click the Download folder on the left side of the ES File Explorer (or the folder in which you copied the Kodi APK file on your PC)

install kodi on firestick

#10: On your FireStick, click the Kodi APK file and follow the onscreen instructions to install the app

kodi on firestick

This is how you install Kodi on FireStick using your PC

Wrapping Up

So, here we are with various methods to install Kodi on FireStick. Once you have Kodi, you will want to get streaming right away. You will need some Kodi addons. Go ahead and take a look at our big list of best Kodi addons.  You may further want to try out some Kodi builds as well. Why don’t you explore our list of Best Kodi Builds in that case?

There is so much to stream and enjoy. But, we recommend you to stream only the content in the public domain and not stream any copyrighted content.

If you have any questions or feedback, the comments section is below. Feel free to drop in.

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