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How to Install BeeTV App on FireStick


This post will guide you through the installation of BeeTV on FireStick, Fire TV Cube, and FireStick 4K.

BeeTV is one of the best streaming apps for FireStick. It has a large collection of Movies and Shows served on a slick, user-friendly interface. The layout of the app makes it easy for you to select the content of your choice and start streaming. The scraper-based app finds the best streams from various servers.

High-resolution playback, Real Debrid, and Trakt integration, inexhaustible media library, small size, and top performance are some of the key features of BeeTV FireStick app. For these reasons, BeeTV was an easy choice to be included in our best FireStick apps list.

In this guide, you will find the instructions to install BeeTV on FireStick. First, using the Downloader app, later ES File Explorer app. I will also quickly show you how to use BeeTV on FireStick. Keep reading!

Attention FireStick Users: Read before you continue

Your streaming activities are probably getting monitored constantly by your Government and your ISP. If you are caught streaming copyrighted videos on your FireStick, you are likely to get into serious legal trouble.

Your IP address 2a02:c7e:c00:6c00:1434:42d1:b6b4:3333 is exposed to anyone who is watching. That is how they will track you. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you get a trusted VPN for Firestick right now and hide your online identity.

I am using ExpressVPN on all my devices as it is the most reliable, most secure, and the fasted VPN in the market. You can easily install and set up ExpressVPN on FireStick or any other device within minutes.

ExpressVPN offers you a money-return guarantee of 30 days. Also, you can claim 3-months free and save 49% on its annual plans.

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Steps to Install BeeTV on FireStick

The third-party apps like BeeTV are not available through the Amazon Store. These apps need to be manually installed on FireStick. This process of manual installation is called sideloading.

Sideloading on FireStick isn’t as straightforward as on any Android mobile or tablet. You cannot download the APK file from a web browser. Therefore, you must first install a sideloading app or utility to FireStick. We will install the Downloader app for this purpose.

Install Downloader App

If you don’t already have the Downloader app on FireStick, follow the steps and install it:

1- Go to the search option in the top-left corner of the home screen of your FireStick or any other Fire TV device

2- In the search window, type Downloader. When you see the app in the search suggestions just below the onscreen keyboard, click it

3- Open the Downloader option on the next window. Now when this window is displayed, click Download

4- When the Downloader has installed, click Open to run it. You may also go to FireStick Settings -> Applications -> Manage Installed Applications -> Downloader -> Launch application

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

You didn’t have to enable the security option Apps from Unknown Sources for the Downloader app because you sourced it directly from the Amazon Store. However, as I said, BeeTV is not the part of the official Store and it will be sideloaded onto FireStick. To do so, you must first go through these steps:

1- Press the Home key on your remote and return to the FireStick home window. From the top-right select Settings

2- Go to My Fire TV

how to install beetv apk on firestick

3- Next, choose Developer Options

how to install beetv on fire stick

4- Now, you need to see if the listed option Apps from Unknown Sources is enabled (ON) or disabled (ON). If it is showing OFF, click it once so that you may turn it ON

get beetv on firestick

5- When you attempt to switch ON this option, FireStick will warn you once. You may confidently ignore this warning message and choose Turn on

how to get beetv on firestick

BeeTV is a safe app and you have nothing to worry about

BeeTV on FireStick: Installation Steps

Now we come to the main part of the process where we actually install BeeTV app on FireStick. Here are the steps:

1- We are going to need the Downloader application. So, run it. You must see the following default/main screen when the app loads up.

We will click the URL field on the right

download beetv on firestick

2- Now we will use the onscreen keyboard and type the following link: https://www.firestickhow.com/btv

Or, you may simply type the partial link firestickhow.com/btv. Downloader app will accept it.

Type the URL correctly or the file won’t download. Mind the case as this URL is case sensitive

When you are ready, click GO

steps to install beetv on amazon firestick

3- We now wait for a minute or two while Downloader app downloads the BeeTV APK

how to install beetv on amazon fire tv stick

4- The APK file will be automatically executed. Navigate to the bottom when the following window appears

load beetv on firestick

5- Click Install on the bottom right

download beetv firestick app

6- It may again take a minute (or probably less) to install BeeTV on FireStick

get beetv on firestick

7- The App installed notification confirms the app has been installed. However, don’t click Open yet. There is one more task to take care of. Click Done

beetv apk

8- Now we delete the BeeTV APK file that the Downloader app downloaded a little while ago. There is no need to keep the file because you have already installed the app. I recommend deleting such files and clearing up some space on FireStick

Click Delete

delete beetv apk file

9- Click Delete one more time

how to install beetv on firestick

So, that’s how we conclude the installation of BeeTV FireStick app. In the next section, we learn various ways to access this app. We also learn how to use it.

Wait! Before you start watching your favorite content on FireStick, make sure you have protected your online identity. Your streaming activities are likely being monitored and logged by your Government as well as your ISP. Free streaming of copyrighted videos may get you into legal trouble.

Thankfully, you can easily avoid the surveillance and monitoring of your online activities and completely maintain your privacy. All you need to do is connect to a trusted and reliable VPN on FireStick. A VPN will hide your IP address and your online identity by encrypting your internet connection.

Please note that I am not encouraging you to violate any copyright laws. You should always watch the content available in the public domain. I am simply recommending the use of a VPN to maintain your privacy. You have every right to your privacy, which is being constantly breached these days.

I personally use ExpressVPN and have found it to be the fastest and most secure FireStick VPN. It is the most streaming-friendly VPN I have ever used. Therefore, I highly recommend getting ExpressVPN for FireStick.

Here is how you can quickly and easily get the ExpressVPN app on FireStick:

Step 1: Click HERE to subscribe to ExpressVPN and enjoy a 49% discount with 3 months of extended service. You are also eligible for a 30-day money-return guarantee

Step 2: Download and install ExpressVPN on FireStick

  • Choose the Search option on the FireStick home screen in the top-left corner and search for ExpressVPN

vpn for firestick

  • Click ExpressVPN icon on the following window. Click Download or Get on the next window

expressvpn firestick

Step 3: Open ExpressVPN once you have downloaded it. Sign in with your account

login vpn on firestick

Step 4: Choose a server and click the Connect/Power button

connect expressvpn on fire stick

Put your mind at ease now! You have successfully secured your streaming activities with ExpressVPN.

How to Use BeeTV on FireStick

To use BeeTV, you must first access it. FireStick offers multiple ways to launch installed apps. Let’s take a quick look:

  1. You may open any app from Your Apps & Channels, which is, you can say, the app drawer of FireStick. All you got to do is keep the Home button on the remote pressed for a few seconds. On the new screen that is displayed, click Apps
  2. There is another way to go to Your Apps & Channels. It is the second row on the FireStick home screen where you find your installed apps. If BeeTV is not there, go all the way to the right and click See All
  3. The other way to access BeeTV (or any other installed app) is through Settings. Select the Settings option on the home screen and open Applications. Now, go to Manage installed applications -> BeeTV -> Launch application

Now that you have learned about all the possible ways to access BeeTV on FireStick, let’s get started with the app.

There is a chance you may see the update prompt after running BeeTV. While you may click Cancel and continue without updating, I recommend you click Update and go ahead with it. This way you will have the latest features and fixes.

update beetv on firestick

You will then be prompted to choose the default player. While you may choose one of the multiple options, despite the app recommendation to choose One Player, I always prefer MX Player. It is lightweight and smooth. You can install MX Player on FireStick within minutes.

beetv player settings

You may also see the BeeTV social media prompt. I am clicking Cancel to go to the next setup step.

how to install beetv on firestick

If this is your first run, you will be prompted to choose the Subtitle Language. I am going with English

how to use beetv on firestick

Finally, you arrive at the home screen of the app. As you can see, it is quite straightforward:

using beetv firestick app

By default, BeeTV lines up TV Shows on the main screen. You can click Movies on the left to view the list of the movies. You may also go to the app Settings and choose Movies as the default launch screen

The Discover dropdown on the top lets you sort content by various categories such as Trending, Popular, Top Rated, etc. These categories vary depending upon the tab chosen on the left (TV Shows or Movies).

You could go to the BeeTV Settings by scrolling down on the left menu bar

The inverted triangle on the far right (next to search option) lets you filter content by year. In case you have something specific in mind – such as the name of a movie, director, actor, etc. – use the Search option

how to install and use beetv on firestick

Within the Settings, you will find a variety of options to customize the BeeTV app and enhance your experience. You may click Choose default tab to change the default main screen from TV Shows to something else (say Movies).

You may also log in to your Real-Debrid and Takt.tv accounts from here.

Alternate Method to Install BeeTV on FireStick (ES File Explorer app)

Downloader is a wonderful app for side-loading purposes. But, it is good to have alternatives just in case it goes down for any reason.

I will show you how to install BeeTV on FireStick with the help of the ES File Explorer app.

ES File Explorer is a great app to have. It is a perfect file manager utility. It also doubles as an effective sideloading tool.

Use the search function on the FireStick home screen and install ES File Explorer. Now follow the steps below:

1- The ES File Explorer main screen looks like this. There is Downloader option on the right you may click or navigate to Tools > Download manager on the left

get beetv on firestick

2- When you are led to this window, click +New

beetv firestick app

3- In the Path text field, enter the following URL: https://www.firestickhow.com/btv

Note: Partial URL doesn’t work with ES File Explorer

If you want, enter something in the Name text field or just leave it blank

Click Download Now

how to install beetv on firestick

4- When the BeeTV APK has downloaded, click Open file when this prompt is displayed

download bee tv on firestick

5- Now, we click Install

how to install beetv on firestick

6- Scroll down to the bottom of the screen

get beetv on firestick

7- Click Install in the bottom-right corner

beetv firestick app

8- Wait while the app installs

get beetv on firestick

9- When you see App installed go ahead and click Open. This will launch the app. Or, choose Done if you would use the app sometime later

download bee tv on firestick

That’s it!

Wrapping Up

As compared to many other apps on our list of FireStick Apps, BeeTV is fairly new. And yet, I was absolutely certain it would be the part of this list as soon as I stumbled upon it. The app has a massive content library, which is updated regularly. Its streaming quality is at part with the top streaming apps for FireStick like Cinema HD APK, TeaTV, CyberFlix TV, etc.

You may also pair this app with Real Debrid and experience even higher quality streaming. The simple interface makes it easy to use and user-friendly app. All in all, BeeTV is a great streaming app to have on your FireStick.

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