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How to Install Silvo Build on Kodi

Through this tutorial, I will show you how to install the Silvo Build on Kodi. This build is compatible with all the Kodi-supported platforms. This includes FireStick, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, as well as Raspberry Pi, Smart TVs, etc.

Silvo is a neat looking, minimal, yet feature-rich build. You can access various streaming related categories from the home screen, including Movies, TV Shows, Sport, Live TV, Music, Kids, and many more.

The build also lines up the popular or featured content for the chosen media category on the home screen so that you may start streaming quickly. It has several popular Kodi addons as well, which you can access from the video add-ons section.

Silvo Build takes more than 450 MB of storage space. Therefore, sometimes it may get a bit slow on FireStick or other devices with low-specs. For the most part, it works fine. It is quite smooth on computers even if they are equipped with moderate-specs.

This build has been around for quite some time. It gets regular version updates too. Try it!

Attention KODI Users: Read before you continue

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How to install Silvo Kodi Build

The installation process of Silvo Build on Kodi is a bit stretched. Therefore, let me give you a quick snapshot of the most important things you will do. This will make it easier for you to follow the process.

  • Toggle ON the security settings Unknown Sources: This will enable you to install the third-party builds like the Silvo build
  • Provide the source path from where you will download the MultiBuild Wizard
  • Get the Wizard on Kodi from the source
  • Install the Kodi Silvo build from the Wizard

Let’s get started:

1: Open the Kodi Settings

To do that, look for the cog icon/button in the upper-left corner of the Kodi home screen (under the Kodi logo)

how to install silvo build on kodi

2: On the Kodi Settings window, access the option System

silvo kodi build

3: Now, you want to click Add-ons menu item in the left sidebar

install silvo kodi build

4: The option Unknown Sources is now displayed on the right section of the same window

It should be ON to allow Silvo Kodi build

Click it if it is OFF

silvo kodi build

5: Kodi will try to discourage you from enabling this option with this warning message

Silvo Kodi build is completely safe

Click Yes to move ahead

how to install silvo build on kodi

The Unknown Sources is now enabled

6: Go to the Kodi Settings window again (click the cog icon again on the home screen or you may also press the back button once if you are still on the Unknown Sources window

Click File manager

multibuild wizard silvo kodi build

7: On this screen, you may click any of the two Add source option that you see

You will need to double click if you use Kodi on a computer (and tap on a touch device)

install silvo kodi build

8: This window is now displayed

Click the section where you see <None>

silvo kodi build

9: Now, this is part where you enter the source path or source URL


It is important that you type the URL exactly as you see here. The build will not install if you have the wrong URL

Click OK

silvo kodi build

10: You are back on this window

Type any source name here

By default, it will pick the name mbwiz

Click OK

silvo kodi build

That’s how you add the source path. We are now going to install the Wizard

11: Once again you need to be on the Settings window. You can get there by pressing the back button once (or by clicking the cog icon on the home screen)

Click Add-ons

how to install silvo build on kodi

12: From the following set of options, choose Install from zip file

download silvo build on kodi

13: Click mbwiz

If you chose any other name in Step 10, click that instead

how to install silvo build on kodi

14: Open plugin.progam.mbwiz.zip

DO NOT click the other zip file mbxboxwiz

multibuild wizard silvo kodi build

15: The MultiBuild Wizard add-on is now installed on Kodi

It will take a few minutes

Your Kodi screen will not display the installation progress. But the addon is being installed

You will need to wait for the notification, which is displayed in the top-right corner

install silvo kodi build

16: Immediately after the installation of the Wizard, you must see this popup window

Click Dismiss (or you may even press the back button)

silvo kodi build

17: And, there is another popup

You may again press the back button or simply click Continue

how to install silvo build on kodi

18: By clicking Build Menu option on this popup, you can go to the list of the MultiBuild Wizard builds (skip to step 21 if you click Build Menu option)

In the case, you clicked Ignore or you decide to install the Silvo Kodi build sometime later, follow the next step

download silvo build on kodi

19: Navigate to the home screen of Kodi

Click Add-ons in the left menu. On the next screen, just select Program add-ons

Click the MultiBuild Wizard addon

install silvo kodi build

20: Click the option Builds now

silvo kodi build

21: Click Leia Silvo Kodi build in the Leia Builds category

how to install silvo build on kodi

22: There are two installation options on the next screen

I suggest choosing Fresh Install, which will reset Kodi to the default configuration before installing the Silvo build

multibuild wizard silvo kodi build

23: Click Continue and confirm your intent to install the Silvo Build on Kodi

download silvo build on kodi

24: The build data will now download on your device

This is going to take a few minutes

silvo kodi build

25: Next, the build data will unpack and Silvo build will be installed

This again takes a few minutes

how to install silvo build on kodi

26: You must see this prompt when the build has installed

Sometimes Kodi closes automatically after the installation without showing any prompts

Click Force Close

multibuild wizard silvo kodi build

So, this how you download and install the Silvo build on Kodi. To start using the build, simply restart Kodi

How to use the Silvo Build on Kodi

Whether or not you have any experience with the Kodi builds, it will not take too long to get familiar with the Silvo Kodi build

After the installation, you must restart Kodi for the build to load up

Since this is going to be the first run of the build, it will take a few minutes to set itself up. You might see notifications like Add-on migration, add-on updates, etc. Let the build do its things. This will make sure it works properly. The setup and updates take several minutes

install silvo kodi build

Here are the categories you can access right off the home screen of the Silvo Kodi build (from the main menu):

  • TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Sport
  • Music
  • Kids
  • Her Place
  • Mancave
  • Games
  • Faves
  • Tools
  • Videos
  • System
  • Power
  • Live TV

Based on your choice of the category in the main menu, the build displays the featured content above the menu bar. As you can see in the image above, I have highlighted the Movies category on the main menu. The thumbnails of the featured movies are displayed in a row above.

In the submenu bar (with Movies selected in the main menu), the related Kodi addons (such as Deceit, Numbers, Scrubs V2, The Crew, etc.) are displayed

You will see the same layout for other content categories like TV Shows, Sport, etc.

Let us now take a look at the collection of the preinstalled addons the Silvo Kodi build has to offer. While you can access some addons from the submenu bar for categories like Movies and TV Shows, if you want to access the complete list of addons, select Videos in the main menu and Add-ons in the submenu

silvo kodi build

This is the list of the addons. You can’t see all of them in a single frame. Scroll up and down to explore the entire list

how to install silvo build on kodi

You will find the popularly used addons like Exodus Redux, DeathStar, The Crew, Deceit, Numbers, Scrubs V2, MTB’s Greased Lightning, The Magic Dragon, World of Wrestling and many more.

You are now all set to start streaming. However, before you do, I would like to warn you that your online identity is unprotected and everything you stream is visible to your ISP and Government. This means, watching free movies, TV shows, Live TV, Sports might get you into legal trouble.

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Step 3: Open ExpressVPN app and Click the Power icon to connect a VPN server. 

expressvpn for kodi

That's all. Your connection is now secure with the fastest and best VPN for Kodi.

In the end…

So, that’s the Silvo Kodi build for you. It is a tidy build with loads of popular addons that come preinstalled with it. This build has been around for a while and been part of our list of best Kodi builds since the beginning.

With a decent range of video add-ons, the build will always have lots of streaming options for you. Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, it has everything. The user interface is simple but packs all the essentials on the home screen. The main menu and submenu items make navigation incredibly easy. It is a solid build and a must-try.

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