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How to Install Live NetTV on FireStick

In this post, you will find the detailed instructions to install Live NetTV on FireStick, Fire Stick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.

There is absolutely no doubt that Live NetTV is one of the finest Live TV apps presently. This free app brings to you a big line up of online TV channels from the USA, UK, Canada, and several other regions. It has channels in various categories including Entertainment, Sports, 24/7 Channels, etc.

Live NetTV is backed by an active team of developers. Not only do they make sure the app is well maintained and most channels are online, but they also keep adding new content to it. Streaming quality is also good. You can watch almost all the popular channels in full HD.

If you are looking for a lightweight Live TV app with tons of channels and an easy to use interface, Live Net TV is what you must try.

The app is also the part of our list of best Apps for Amazon FireStick.

Attention FireStick Users: Read before you continue

Governments and ISPs across the world monitor their users' online activities. If found streaming copyrighted content on your Fire TV Stick, you could get into serious trouble. Currently, your IP is visible to everyone. I strongly recommend you to get a good FireStick VPN and hide your identity so that your movie viewing experience doesn’t take a bad turn.

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Prerequisites to Install Live NetTV on FireStick

There are two prerequisites to installing Live NetTV on FireStick as follows:

  • FIRST: Switch ON Apps from Unknown Sources
  • SECOND: Install Downloader app

Switch ON Apps from Unknown Sources: Like any other Android device, your Amazon FireStick also has a security setting that will keep you from installing any third-party applications, such as Live NetTV. However, you may follow these steps and allow the option Apps from Unknown Sources:

1. On the home screen of FireStick, you will find the Settings option in the top menu bar. Select it.

how to install live nettv on firestick

2. Now open My Fire TV

how to install live net tv on firestick

3. Select and open Developer Options

live nettv apk for firestick

4. Now, what you need to make sure is that the status of Apps from Unknown Sources is ON. If it is OFF, click it once

live nettv apk on firestick

5. Before turning it ON, FireStick will ask for your confirmation. Live NetTV is a safe, tested and trustworthy app. Go ahead and click Turn on

live nettv apk

Now we move to the next prerequisite.

Install Downloader App: What do you need the Downloader app for? Unlike the Android mobiles, you cannot download the APK files from the browsers on your FireStick. Therefore, you need a sideloading utility tool. That’s what Downloader is. I am providing the quick steps below to install Downloader.

1. Select Search on the home screen of FireStick (in the top-left corner)

2. Now, look up for the Downloader app. When you find it in the search results, just click it and follow the subsequent online instructions to download and install this app

live net tv apk on firestick

Steps to Install Live NetTV on FireStick

You can now easily install Live NetTV on FireStick. Here are the steps:

1: Go ahead and run the Downloader application that you installed. This is the main window of the app. As you can see, the Home tab on the left is already selected.

You can also see on the right the section where it asks you to enter the URL

Click this URL section

how to install live nettv on firestick

2: Now, the next thing you want to do is enter the following URL when this onscreen keypad is displayed: https://www.livenettv.sc

Click GO when you are ready

how to download live nettv apk on firestick

3: This URL opens a webpage. Therefore, the Downloader app will activate its Browser tab.

When the webpage has loaded, scroll down and click Download for Android button

live nettv firestick

4- You will be connected to the server and within moments the Live NetTV APK download will begin on your FireStick


how to install firestick live nettv apk

5- When the download is completed, installation is automatically triggered

Go ahead and click Install on the prompt

how to get live nettv on firestick

6- The Live NetTV app will now install. Give it a few seconds to complete

steps to install live nettv apk on firestick

7- After a bit, App Installed confirmation is displayed

Click DONE

Note: We will open the app later

how to install live nettv on firestick

8- This step is optional but recommended. It will remove the Live NetTV APK file from your FireStick device storage and save you some space. Note that APK files are of no use after the installation of the app

Click Delete

download live nettv on firestick

9- Go ahead and click Delete again

live nettv

So, you have successfully installed the Live NetTV app and also deleted the APK.

How to Use Live NetTV

In this section, we will do the following:

– Learn to access Live NetTV on FireStick and move the app the FireStick home screen
– Learn to use the Live NetTV app on FireStick

How to access Live NetTV on FireStick and move it to the home screen

The following steps will show you how to access the app and also how to place it on the home window of FireStick:

– Go to the FireStick home screen and highlight the second row titled Your Apps & Channels

Now navigate to the left and click See All

Note: The other option is to press the Home button on your Amazon FireStick remote for 5+ seconds and click Apps on the next window

– When you see the following screen, scroll down to the bottom and select Live NetTV. Press the select button on the remote to open the app

how to use live nettv on firestick

– If you would like to place the app on the home screen of FireStick, you need to move it to the first/second row. Press the Menu Button on your FireStick remote (I am talking about the button with 3 lines)
In the bottom-left, you see a pop-up. Click Move

live nettv on firestick

You may now drag and drop Live NetTV in the first/second row on the top

Use Live NetTV App on FireStick

Now that you know how to access Live NetTV, let’s explore it.

When you run Live NetTV the first time, you encounter this prompt. Go ahead and click Continue

live nettv firestick app

When the app asks you for the permission, click Allow

how to install live nettv on firestick

Here is the main window of the Live NetTV app on FireStick

live nettv on firestick

As you can see, there are category and country tabs on the top. The channels related to the selected tab are lined up on the screen

You simply need to click the channel you want to watch

You will be asked to choose the default player

I prefer the MX Player. It is fast and reliable.

live nettv firestick app

Click Always to make MX Player your default player. This window will not appear again. Or, you could click Just Once. This popup will appear again the next time you try to stream a channel.

You can always change this in the Live NetTV Settings

Now, let’s click the menu option in the top-left corner of the Live NetTV (3 horizontal lines). Here are the options:

how to install live nettv on firestick

Live Channels is the default. Live Events section is not very reliable. I often find broken links here. The developers have also recently added the VOD (Video-on-demand) section, where you can find Movies and Shows. Again, the VOD section isn’t that great. For on-demand content, you may look at one of the other apps on our list.

You may also Report a Channel or Request a Channel from this menu.

The menu also lets you access app Settings. You can access Settings also by clicking the gear icon in the top-right corner of the main window of the app.

The following two images show all the app Settings

live nettv firestick app

how to install live nettv on firestick

Most categories are self-explanatory. Here, you can also hide categories and countries whose content you are not interested in.

You may set the Favorite Tab too. By default, it opens to Entertainment.

And, as I said, you may also set the default Video Player from within the Settings.

Well, I guess that will be all! You may explore the rest on your own. Enjoy!

Before you start streaming with your Fire Stick, there is something incredibly important you must know. All your online activities are subject to surveillance and monitoring by your ISP as well as your Government. Streaming licensed or copyrighted videos for free could land you in legal troubles. 

The good news is that you can hide all your online and streaming activities from anyone who might be watching and that includes your ISP, Government or any third-party entity. What you simply need is a reliable VPN for your FireStick. With a VPN, you can stream with complete peace of mind as it will encrypt your internet connection and keep it hidden from the prying eyes.

I am not encouraging you to stream content illegally. I do not condone such activities. However, your privacy matters and it must be maintained. What if you do not intend to stream copyrighted content and still end up doing it anyway? You would not want to be penalized for an unintentional mistake. 

I have been using ExpressVPN for a long while and confidently recommend it as the best, fastest and safest VPN for FireStick.

Let me show you how to start using a VPN on FireStick under 2-minute.

#1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN: Click HERE to subscribe to ExpressVPN. You can save up to 49% on the annual plan. ExpressVPN also offers a 30-Day full refund guarantee in the event you are not satisfied with it. However, if you intend to use a VPN, I don’t see any reason why you would want to opt out of it.

#2. Look up for ExpressVPN on FireStick: You can download ExpressVPN from Amazon Store. From the home-screen of your FireStick, select the Search function (top-left) and look up for ExpressVPN.

vpn for firestick

#3. Download & Install ExpressVPN on FireStick: Open the ExpressVPN icon on the next screen. Now click the Download option as you see on this window. Wait for the ExpressVPN app to download and install

expressvpn firestick

#4. Sign into ExpressVPN on FireStick: Launch ExpressVPN on your device and click Sign in on the bottom of the first screen. Enter your login credentials on the following window and click Sign in again

login vpn on firestick

#5. Connect ExpressVPN on FireStick: Click the connection button to connect to VPN. You can connect to the default server ExpressVPN has already chosen for you based on your location or you could pick any other region/server of your choice.

connect expressvpn on fire stick

Once you have secured FireStick with ExpressVPN, you can start streaming with peace of mind.

Wrapping Up

Live TV is an excellent option to watch your favorite satellite channels. It is one great way to go about cord-cutting. There are hundreds of channels here from the USA and many other parts of the world. The app also lets you hide content from the categories or countries which you are not interested in.

The streaming quality of Live NetTV is more than satisfactory for the most part. A lot of channels stream in 1080p. The good news is that most of its channels remain online nearly all the time. I have barely noticed any downtime.

Besides live TV Channels, Live NetTV brings you some extras too in the form of Live Events and VOD. However, the app is best known for its Live TV. Rest is just a bonus and honestly, not very reliable.

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