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How to Install MX Player APK on FireStick / Fire TV


I am providing you the complete set of steps to install MX Player on FireStick. The methods included in this post cover Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick 4K as well as FireStick.

A lot of third-party streaming applications allow you to use an external media player for video playback. That’s because usually, their built-in player is not good enough. MX Player is an Android-based media player, which is recommended and supported by numerous streaming applications (many are included in our Best FireStick Apps list).

MX Player isn’t of much use in itself. Of course, you can play the media saved locally in FireStick storage. But, not a lot of us use FireStick for local media playback. It is primarily a streaming device.

However, if you do use the apps like TeaTV, Cyberflix TV, TVZion, etc, I recommend you install MX Player for better streaming experience.

Attention FireStick Users: Read before you continue

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Steps to Install MX Player on FireStick

MX Player is not hosted on the official Amazon Store. That’s why you cannot use the home screen search function to download it. However, you can easily sideload the app by downloading and installing MX Player APK.

Part 1: Install Downloader app

Now, this gets a bit tricky. Amazon FireStick is not designed for direct browser downloads. Therefore, to download the APK file of MX Player, you will need the Downloader app.

Downloader is a very popular sideloading application for Fire TV devices. Here is how you can get it from the Amazon Store:

  • Go to the home screen of your FireStick and open the Search option from the top-left corner
  • Type in ‘Downloader’ and click it when you see it in the search results below
  • Click Downloader icon
  • Download the app now

Part 2: Allow Apps from Unknown Sources

Amazon FireStick is designed to prevent third-party app installation by default. However, MX Player is a safe app and you will need to bypass this restriction. Here are the steps:

1- Go to the top of the FireStick home screen and open Settings. Now, go to My Fire TV and open it

mx player on firestick

2- Now open the item Developer options

mx player for firestick

3- If you haven’t installed any third-party apps before, most likely Apps from Unknown Sources would be disabled. Click it once to switch it ON.

Leave it as is if it is already ON

install mx player on firestick

4- You should now see the following warning. It is okay to ignore this message as MX Player is a secure app. So, click Turn on

Note: After installing MX Player, you may come back and disable this option again

how to install mx player apk on firestick

Part 3: Install MX Player on FireStick

You have the Downloader app and you have already allowed Unknown Sources. We can get started with the installation of MX Player FireStick app. Here are the steps:

1- When you run Downloader app, you see the following main screen with Home tab selected on the left. You need to go to the right side of the window and click the URL section

how to install mx player firestick app

2- Now, click GO after typing in the following URL: https://www.firestickhow.com/mx

Note: Type the URL carefully

install mx player on firestick

3- It may take a little over a minute to download the MX Player APK. So, wait.

download mx player on firestick

4- You want to go down to the lower right corner where it says Next

mx player firestick

5- Click Install when you see it on the lower right

firestick mx player

6- Installation usually takes less than a minute. You are notified with App installed prompt. Click Done

Note: There is no need to click Open as you will not need to use this app separately. It is always used in conjunction with third-party streaming apps like TeaTV, CyberFlix TV, etc

how to use mx player on firestick

7- When you are on this window, click Delete

how to install mx player on firestick

8- Click Delete one more time

mx player apk

There you go! You have successfully installed MX Player on FireStick.

How to Use MX Player on FireStick

As I have already said, you would barely need to use MX Player on its own. It is integrated with the streaming apps for video playback.

Most streaming apps come with a built-in media player. However, they give you the option to use an external player for a better experience.

Usually, there are two ways to switch to MX Player while using a streaming app.

The first way is to go to app Settings and change the default player to MX Player.

The other way is to choose the external player before the playback. For instance, you can click the Play icon on the top-right of many apps to choose the desired media player (MX Player in our case).

Alternate Method to Install MX Player on FireStick (ES File Explorer)

If you have already downloaded and installed MX Player through the Downloader app, you may skip this part. It is just an alternate method. 

Besides being a wonderful file manager, ES File Explorer is also a handy sideloading application. It is free and available everywhere. Use the search tool available through the main screen of FireStick to look up for and install ES File Explorer.

Now, follow these steps and install MX Player:

1- On the main screen of ES File Explorer, either click the Downloader option or go to Tools > Download Manager from the menu on the left

mx player for firestick

2- When the following window is displayed, go down and click +New

how to install mx player on fire tv

3- You will be prompted to enter the URL and Name

install mx player on fire tv cube

4- In the Path/URL area enter https://www.firestickhow.com/mx

You may name it mx like I did or even leave it blank. It won’t matter.

When you are all set, click Download Now

mx player apk firestick

5- Wait for the MX Player APK to download. It may take a minute

6- Click Open file next

how to download mx player on firestick

7- Click Install

8- Scroll down to Next

installing mx player on firestick

9- Now click Install again

mx player installation on firestick

10- App Installed prompt confirms that MX Player has been installed. Go ahead and click DONE

steps to install mx player on firestick


MX Player is a must-have app for those who like to stream through third-party apps. It is a lightweight app and doesn’t cause any performance issues. You can easily install MX Player on FireStick using our method.

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