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How to Install Diamond Kodi Build

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This guide will show you how to install the Diamond Build on Kodi. This build was formerly known as Diamond Dust Build.

Diamond Kodi build is one of the finest Kodi builds presently. This build has an attractive interface which perfectly mixes the visual appeal and functionality. The clutter-free design and the neat layout allow for incredible ease of use.

This build offers a handful of, but quality video addons. There are options to stream Live TV, Sports and on-demand content (movies and shows). The small size of the build ensures smooth performance on Amazon FireStick and other low-RAM streaming devices.

Diamond Build is a repackaged version of the popular Diamond Dust Kodi build. The new build looks more polished and is more stable.

Our list of best Kodi builds would not have been complete without the Diamond Dust Kodi build.

How to install Diamond Build on Kodi

There are primarily three things we will do during the installation of the Diamond Dust build on Kodi. Here are they:

  • Enable Unknown Sources: This allows you to install the third-party builds, such as Diamond Build
  • Add the Source address: We will add a URL on Kodi that will be used as the source
  • Install the Diamond Wizard Repo: This repo will be installed from the Source
  • Install Diamond Build Wizard: The Wizard hosts the Diamond Kodi build
  • Install the Diamond Build from the Wizard

Attention KODI Users: Read before you continue

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Let’s get on with the process now. Follow these steps:

1: The first thing you want to do is access the Kodi Settings

On the home screen, you need to navigate to the upper-left corner and click the gear icon

how to install diamond dust build on kodi

2: Now go to the System option on this window

diamond kodi build

3: Select or highlight Add-ons in the menu on the left

how to install diamond build on kodi

4: Now Unknown Sources is displayed on the screen. In case it is OFF, click its switch to turn it ON

install diamond build for kodi

5: You should now see the following message or a warning prompt. Go ahead and click Yes

Diamond Build has been tested and it is safe

diamond kodi build

6: Now, press the back key/button to come back to the Settings window

If you are on the home screen of Kodi, click the gear icon again

Click File manager now

how to install diamond build on kodi

7: We will now choose the option Add source

how to install diamond dust build on kodi

8: This window must now appear on your Kodi screen

Click the option <None>

diamond kodi build

9: On this screen now, type in the following link http://repo.rubyjewelwizard.com/

I always recheck the links to ascertain I entered them right

Click OK

how to install diamond build on kodi

10: The source must be named now

Type any name of your choice

I am using the name diamond

Click OK

how to install diamond dust build on kodi

11: Hit the back button again on this window to return to Settings

OR, click the gear icon on the home screen

12: Click Add-ons next

how to install diamond build on kodi

13: Click the option on the next window Install from zip file

install diamond build for kodi

14: Open the source name you chose in Step 10 earlier

diamond in our case

how to install diamond dust build on kodi

15: Open the folder INSTALL_DIAMOND_REPO

how to install diamond build on kodi

16: This is the zip file you need to extract the repository now

Open repository.Diamond-Wizard-Repo-x.x.x.zip

You may have a different version number than what’s in the image below. That’s why x.x.x

diamond kodi build

17: The Diamond Build Repo should get installed in probably less than one minute

Look for the notification in the top-right section of this window

how to install diamond dust build on kodi

18: Now we will open the option Install from repository

diamond kodi build

19: This is where you find the Repo you installed a minute back

Click Diamond Build Repo

install diamond build for kodi

20: Choose Program add-ons on the next window

how to install diamond dust build on kodi

21: Click the Diamond Build Wizard option

how to install diamond build on kodi

22: Click Install on the window next

diamond kodi build

23: Let’s just wait for the Wizard to install. It may take more than a minute

Go to the next step when the notification Diamond Build Wizard Add-on installed is displayed

how to install diamond dust build on kodi

24: Soon after the installation of the Wizard, you must see this popup

Click Dismiss or just press the back button/key

install diamond build for kodi

25: This is another prompt you will encounter

Again, press the back button or click Continue

diamond kodi build

26: One last prompt; press the back button again

how to install diamond dust build on kodi

27: Now you want to go back to the home screen of Kodi one more time

Highlight Add-ons in the left menu (but don’t click it)

Access the Diamond Build Wizard under Program add-ons on the right side of the same window

how to install diamond build on kodi

28: Diamond Build Wizard interface thus loads up

It has several options accessed through the tabs on the top

Click the tab that says Builds

It is near the top-left corner

how to install diamond dust build on kodi

29: You must now see The Diamond Build in the left menu

Click it

This is the only stable build on the menu as I write this guide. However, it looks like more will be added soon

install diamond build for kodi

30: You now need to choose one of the two installation options: Install and Fresh Install

I always choose Fresh Install to install my builds. Builds are likely to perform with a clean installation

Note: If you are updating the existing version of the Diamond Kodi build, click Install instead

diamond kodi build

31: Upon choosing Fresh Install the following prompt shows up

It may take a few seconds for this prompt to appear. Do not click the Fresh Install button multiple times

Click Yes

how to install diamond dust build on kodi

32: Now the download begins. Let it finish

how to install diamond build on kodi

33: The build will install after the download. Again, let it finish

diamond kodi build

34: After the successful installation, Kodi needs to be closed for all the changes to apply properly

Click OK

how to install diamond dust build on kodi

So, these were the steps to install Diamond Build on Kodi (formerly Diamond Dust Kodi build).

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expressvpn for kodi

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How to use Diamond Dust Kodi Build and a Quick Overview

In the last step of the installation process, you forced closed Kodi for the changes to apply. To access the build, you now need to open Kodi again. The new interface of Kodi will load up with the Diamond Build.

Note: When you open Diamond Kodi build for the first time, give it a few minutes to run all the necessary updates. During the update process, the build will seem slow. Therefore, it is best to start using the build only when all the updates are complete

Following is the main screen of the Diamond Kodi Build interface:

install diamond build for kodi

It has an all-too-familiar layout comprising of Menu and Submenu horizontal stripes. Following are the main menu items you can use for streaming:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • News Live
  • 24/7 Live
  • Sports
  • Just Sexy

Upon selecting a main menu option, the related add-ons are displayed in the submenu. The featured content for the category appears above the main menu. This allows you to pick the titles easily. If the content you want to watch does not appear on the main screen, go to SET/ADD > Video Add-ons and lookup for the content within the individual add-ons.

Diamond Kodi build has some popular addons that come preinstalled, such as 7of9, cCloud TV, Loki, MTB’s Greased Lightning, The Magic Dragon, Seren, etc.

In the end…

Let me give you my two-cents on the Diamond Build for Kodi. This build has a sleek, easy to use interface. Important elements that let you get started quickly are thoughtfully placed on the main screen of this build. Movies, Shows, Live TV, etc. are there for the easy picking.

Diamond Kodi build does not have a lot of preinstalled addons. That’s how they have managed to keep the build size small. The good thing is you miss nothing out. The developers have picked the addons that really matter. Live TV, Sports, On-demand Movies & Shows, all the streaming options are available. Diamond is one of the best Kodi builds to have.

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