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How to Install cCloud TV Addon on Kodi

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This tutorial will demonstrate how to install cCloud TV addon on Kodi. This addon works on all the devices on which you can install and use Kodi.

cCloud TV is a great cord-cutting option with tons of options to stream live TV. This addon has a sizeable collection of satellite channels from the United States as well as from other countries. cCloud Kodi addon works on both Kodi 18.4 and Kodi 17.6.

You will find various familiar live TV categories on the main screen of the addon including Sports, News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, etc. It also has the FilmOn section for more live TV streaming options. As a bonus, there are a couple of on-demand categories too.

Presently, cCloud TV addon on Kodi is offering excellent performance. It is fast to navigate and quick to playback the live TV channels.

If you are looking for live TV streaming option for Kodi, I see no reason why you would not want to give cCloud a try.

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How to install cCloud TV addon on Kodi

The installation process of any addon is always a bit long-drawn. Therefore, I am breaking it down into broad parts to ease you through the steps. Here is the overview of what you will do:

  • Allow Unknown Sources: To download any third-party source addon, such as cCloud TV
  • Add the source URL: To point Kodi to the location of the addon on the web
  • Install the Kodil repository: The repository which hosts cCloud TV
  • Install cCloud TV addon: From the Kodil repository

The steps that follow now will cover the above in exactly the same order as they are laid out:

1: Go to the Settings window from the Kodi home screen

Need to click the cog icon in the top-left of the screen

how to install ccloud tv addon on kodi

2: Now open the option System on your Kodi 18 Leia version

On the Kodi 17.6 version, it is System settings

install ccloud tv kodi addon

3: Hover over Add-ons in the left menu on the window that follows next

ccloud tv kodi addon

4: On the right side of the same window, click Unknown Sources switch to turn it ON

how to install ccloud tv addon on kodi

5: Dismiss this warning message by clicking Yes

cCloud is a trusted, tested and safe Kodi addon

install ccloud tv kodi addon

6: Go back to the Settings menu/window

Either from the home screen like you did before or by pressing the back button once after enabling Unknown Sources

7: Open the File manager option

ccloud tv kodi addon

8: You now access the Add source option

how to install ccloud tv addon on kodi

9: You should now see this small window within the Kodi screen

Click <None>

install ccloud tv kodi addon

10: Carefully type in the following link/URL: http://www.lvtvv.com/repo/

Hit OK

ccloud tv kodi addon

11: Now select or hover over the section Enter a name for this media source

Type the name kodil or any other name you prefer

Click OK

how to install ccloud tv addon on kodi

12: The Kodi 18 users need to be back on the Settings menu. Press the back button or navigate to the following window from the home screen of Kodi

Click Add-ons

Kodi 17.6 users should go to Kodi home-screen, click Add-ons in the left menu, and click open-box in the top-left corner on the next window

ccloud tv kodi addon

13: Now choose the item Install from zip file

how to install ccloud tv addon on kodi

14: You must now see the name you added in Step 11 earlier (kodil in our case)

Go ahead and click it

install ccloud tv kodi addon

15: A zip file is displayed on the next screen

Click repository.kodil-x.x.zip

The version number of this file may have changed since I wrote this guide

ccloud tv kodi addon

16: In probably less than a minute, repository installation confirmation is displayed in the upper-right section of this screen

Kodil Repository has been installed

install ccloud tv kodi addon

17: Open the option Install from repository

install ccloud tv kodi addon

18: Access the …Kodil Repository entry

ccloud tv kodi addon

19: Now go to the Video add-ons option

how to install ccloud tv addon on kodi

20: Keep scrolling until you find the cCloud TV addon entry. Kodil Repository has dozens of addons. Therefore, it will take some scrolling to get to it

Click it

install ccloud tv kodi addon

21: Click Install when this window follows

ccloud tv kodi addon

22: For Kodi 18 users, an additional window is displayed

Click OK

how to install ccloud tv addon on kodi

23: Click NO when this YouTube dialog box pops up

If you want to configure the YouTube addon, you may also click Yes

install ccloud tv kodi addon

24: cCloud TV Add-on installed notification will be displayed when the addon has been installed on Kodi

ccloud tv kodi addon

So, these are the steps to install cCloud TV on Kodi.

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expressvpn for kodi

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How to access and use cCloud TV on Kodi

You will find all your installed Kodi addons on the main screen of the Kodi app. They appear in the Video add-ons section

When you are on the home screen, DO NOT click Add-ons in the left menu. Just Select it

You should now see cCloud TV Kodi addon in the Video add-ons category. Click the addon to open it

how to install ccloud tv addon on kodi

When the cCloud TV addon loads up, this is what you see on its first screen:

install ccloud tv kodi addon

There are over a dozen categories to stream live channels from, including:

  • All Channels
  • FilmOn
  • English
  • Top 10
  • Sports
  • News
  • Documentary
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Lifestyle

cCloud TV Kodi addon also has two on-demand sections:

  • On Demand Movies
  • On Demand Shows

The on-demand collection isn’t that big. We are not complaining though. cCloud TV is supposed to be an IPTV addon. Yet, you may find some interesting movies and shows here.

There is a Non-English/International category too if you want to stream live TV channels from outside the US

In the end…

cCloud TV is a decent option to watch your favorite TV channels. It has neatly categorized channels into familiar and popular categories for your easy picking. There are plenty of channels from the US, UK, and many other countries.

cCloud TV addon on Kodi offers smooth navigation and quick playback. The only drawback is that some of its main screen categories do not have any subcategories for proper organization of the content. For instance, when you open the Sports category, you would want to have the streams further organized into subcategories at least by sports types (such as basketball, baseball, football, soccer, etc.) So, that’s a bit disappointing. Everything else looks great.

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