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How to Install Titanium Kodi Build

In this guide, I will guide you on how to install Titanium Build on Kodi. Please note that the instructions laid out in our guide work with all the devices which support Kodi including your Amazon FireStick and Fire TV devices (including FireStick 4K), computer platforms (Mac, Linux, Window), Mobiles (Android & iOS), Raspberry Pi and more.

Titanium Build is a very popular and widely used Kodi build. It has been around for many years and continues to provide excellent performance and user experience. The build comes from Supreme Builds, which is a very trustworthy source in the Kodi world today.

The build isn’t popular for no reason. It gets you everything you could ask for. It works smoothly on any platform. There is a decent catalog of preloaded addons for all your streaming needs. The interface is thoughtfully designed allowing for ease of use. You can interact with the build and navigate with a mouse, keyboard, touch or remote. All in all, it is a perfect build to have. It is also the second build on our list of Best Kodi Builds.

How to Install Titanium Build on Kodi

Titanium Kodi build installation is going to be a four-part process as follows:

Step 1: Enabling Unknown Sources in Kodi Settings
Step 2: Addition of Source Path
Step 3: Installation of Supreme Builds Kodi Wizard
Step 4: Installation of Titanium Build

Here is how it goes.

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Step 1: Enabling Unknown Sources

This part is the prerequisite. Kodi would not let you proceed with the installation of third-party build Titanium without it. Follow the steps below:

#1: Go to the Settings on Kodi by selecting the cog/gear icon on the main screen. This icon is located on the upper-left

how to install titanium kodi build

#2: Access the option System

install titanium build on kodi

#3: Go on and select the menu item Add-ons. It is towards the left of the  following window

how to install titanium build on kodi

#4: Now switch on the toggle next to Unknown Sources on the right part of the same window

titanium kodi build

#5: You should see a warning message. You may safely ignore this message as Titanium Kodi build is from a trusted and safe source

kodi titanium build

Step 2: Addition of Source Path to Kodi

In this part, you will direct the Kodi app to the Supreme Build server from where we will eventually install the build. Here are the steps:

#1: Go to the Kodi Settings again

titanium build kodi

#2: Access the option File manager when the following window appears

how to install titanium build on kodi

#3: You will find Add-source option on the right as well as left. Click either to proceed

titanium kodi build for firestick

#4: Now click on the next window where you see <None>

kodi titanium build

#5: Please ascertain you enter this URL exactly as given here: http://repo.supremebuilds.com

Click OK

how to install titanium build on firestick

#6: Provide the name of the source in the appropriate field as you see on this window. It could be any name you would like to recognize the added source with. For example, I am giving it the name supreme

Click OK

titanium kodi build

The source for Titanium Kodi build has thus been added.

Step 3: Installation of Supreme Builds Wizard

Supreme builds wizard is the inventory of multiple Kodi builds including Titanium Build. Here is how you install it:

#1: Go back to the Kodi home/main screen and open Settings again

#2: Access the item Add-ons

titanium kodi build

#3: When you see the following set of items, open Install from zip file

kodi titanium build

#4: Go ahead and click supreme or any other name you might have added when you named the source

kodi titanium build

#5: Open the file repository.supremebuilds-x.x.x.zip

download titanium build on kodi

#6: Now wait for the alert on the top-right that says Supreme Repository Add-on installed

titanium kodi build

#7: Now access Install from repository while staying on the same Kodi window

how to get titanium build on kodi

#8: Click Supreme Builds Repository

kodi titanium build

#9: Click Program add-ons

how to install and use titanium build on kodi

#10: Open Supreme Builds Wizard

kodi titanium build installation guide

#11: Click Install on the lower right of the following window

supreme builds wizard for titanium build

#12: Wait until the notification on the upper right appears confirming the installation of Supreme Builds Wizard. Please note that it may take a minute or two

titanium kodi build

#13: This popup window will appear next. Click Dismiss

kodi titanium build

#14: Click Continue when you see the following list of settings. You may choose any settings you want to change before proceeding

how to install titanium build on kodi

#15: If you want to directly go to the builds list, click Build Menu and continue from Step 3 in Part 4. If you want to go to the build menu later, click Ignore.

steps to install titanium kodi build

Step 4: Installing Titanium Build on Kodi

Now, this is the part where we finally install the Titanium build. Here is what you need to do:

#1: Return to Kodi main-screen. From there, head to Add-ons >> Program add-ons and access the Supreme Builds Wizard

kodi titanium build from supreme builds wizard

#2: Click Builds on the following window

how to install titanium build on kodi

#3: You should now find Titanium Build available for installation from multiple servers. Click the server closes to you. If the build doesn’t install from the chosen server, pick the other one. I pick the USA server.

titanium build

#4: Go ahead and click Fresh Install

Note: You may also go with the Standard Install. However, in my experience starting fresh is a great idea with any build

titanium build servers

#5: Click Continue to give your final consent to install the Titanium Kodi build. This popup may take a few seconds to appear

how to install titanium build on kodi

#6: Wait until the Build is downloaded and installed. This process may take a few minutes. It depends upon your network connection

download titanium kodi build

#7: When the build has installed, you may or may not see another popup asking you to choose between Reload Profile and Force Close.

Always choose Force Close

This is the way you install the Titanium Kodi build. You now simply need to restart Kodi to access the build.

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expressvpn for kodi

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A Brief Rundown of Titanium Build on Kodi

When you access the Titanium Build the first time, make sure you give it a few minutes to update the addons and apply the necessary settings. This will ensure that your build performs smoothly.

The Kodi main-screen of Titanium Kodi build looks like this:

how to use titanium build

It is a straightforward build with a standard layout common among a lot of popular builds. There is the main menu bar running from the left to right of the main screen. There is the submenu bar too snapped to the main menu, which displays contextual items according to what you choose in the main menu. For example, when you choose Movies, options like 4K Movies, Boxsets, Genre, Years, etc are lined up in the submenu.

Immediately below the menu bar, the featured addons are lined up, again depending upon the item chosen in the main menu. In the image above, for Movies category, addons like The Magic Dragon, Exodus Redux, Yoda and Gaia are displayed.

Besides Movies, here are some more categories on the main menu:

  • TV Shows
  • Sports
  • Kids Zone
  • Fitness

Each of these categories displays the related addons on the bottom. However, there are more addons than what is displayed on the main screen of the build. You can see the complete list of addons by going to Main Menu > Video add-ons:

how to use kodi titanium build

Titanium Build offers various customization options too. You can change the labels of the menu items on the menu bar. You can also rearrange the menu items. To do that, open Main Menu > Skin Settings. You can also choose which addons are displayed for each category on the home/main screen of the build including Movies, TV Shows, etc.


Titanium Kodi build is a powerful, yet moderately sized build that is known to offer smooth performance on all the devices. I have used it on a FireStick for very long and barely experienced any issues. It works great on Android TV Boxes, computers, and mobile devices as well.

The build comes with a decent library of video-addons, mostly the popular and working ones. This gives you the freedom to stream unlimited content including Live TV, TV Shows, Movies, Sports and whatnot.

The interface of Titanium Build is one of its biggest draws. The design is simple and allows for incredible ease of use. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Kodi user, you will want to have a build like this.

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