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How to Install Mobdro APK on FireStick

This tutorial will help you install Mobdro on FireStick. In fact, the set of instructions in this guide also work on Fire TV Cube and FireStick 4K.

Mobdro is one of the first apps FireStick users think of while looking for options to watch Live TV. This app gives you access to hundreds of channels over a nicely designed user interface. The app is quick to install and very easy to use. You can get started instantly by either clicking the featured channels on the home screen or by picking one of the categories on the top including Movies, Shows, Sports, News, etc.

Mobdro is the part of our list of Best Apps for FireStick and deservingly so. If you enjoy watching live streaming of TV channels on FireStick, I believe it must be part of your arsenal tool. This is the reason why I have compiled this elaborate guide.

You will first learn to install this app with the help of Downloader tool. Later, I have also provided an alternate method using the ES File Explorer app. Keep reading!

Attention FireStick Users: Read before you continue

Governments and ISPs across the world monitor their users' online activities. If found streaming copyrighted content on your Fire TV Stick, you could get into serious trouble. Currently, your IP is visible to everyone. I strongly recommend you to get a good FireStick VPN and hide your identity so that your movie viewing experience doesn’t take a bad turn.

I use ExpressVPN which is the fastest and most secure VPN in the industry. It is very easy to install on any device including Amazon Fire TV Stick. Also, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like their service, you can always ask for a refund. ExpressVPN also has a special deal where you can get 3 months free and save 49% on annual plan.

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How to install Mobdro on FireStick

The primary installation method I am going to demonstrate in this guide involves the use of Downloader app.

Third-party apps like Mobdro can only be sideloaded on FireStick with the help of additional tools like Downloader.

So, the first thing we need to do is, make sure we have the Downloader app. You can get it from Amazon Store and here are the steps:

  • Access the Search tool from the home screen of your FireStick
  • Now, using the remote and onscreen keyboard, type Downloader
  • It will appear in the search results underneath the keypad. Click it
  • Now click the Downloader option on the following screen
  • On the next screen, click Download and wait for the Downloader app to download and install

We can now get started with the installation process. Please follow the steps:

1- Go to the home screen of your FireStick again. You can press the Home button on your remote to get there from any other active screen

2- From the home screen access Settings. You will find this option on the top, in the menu bar

3- Now, go to My Fire TV

mobdro firestick

4- Next, click Developer options

how to install mobdro on firestick

5- Switch ON the option Apps from unknown sources

how to install mobdro on fire tv stick

6- Click Turn on to keep the option enabled. You may ignore this warning as Mobdro is a widely used and safe app

mobdro on firestick

We need to follow steps 1 through 6 to allow the installation of third-party apps, which FireStick considers being from the unknown sources. It would be a good idea to disable Apps from Unknown Sources again after installing Mobdro

7- Now launch the Downloader app that you downloaded earlier

8- Go ahead and click the area where it asks you to enter the URL

mobdro on firestick

9- Now, type the following URL: https://www.firestickhow.com/mob

Click GO

firestick mobdro

10- Allow a minute or two for the Mobdro APK to download on your device

mobdro apk on firestick

11- Installation will start automatically once the file has downloaded. The following window should now be displayed on your TV with the Next button around the bottom right

Scroll down a bit

how to install mobdro apk on firestick

12- You will now see the Install button instead. Click it

mobdro apk firestick

13- Mobdro APK should not take more than a minute to install

firestick mobdro

14- Installation is complete. It is confirmed by the App installed notification.

We will Open the app later. For now, I would like you to click Done

mobdro for firestick

15- This is the Downloader window again. Click Delete on this active prompt

how to get mobdro on firestick

16- Click Delete one more time

We are doing this to delete the Mobdro APK from the FireStick storage. This saves you some space.

how to install mobdro app on firestick

17- In the next section you will see how to access Mobdro on FireStick

Before you start streaming with your Fire Stick, there is something incredibly important you must know. All your online activities are subject to surveillance and monitoring by your ISP as well as your Government. Streaming licensed or copyrighted videos for free could land you in legal troubles. 

The good news is that you can hide all your online and streaming activities from anyone who might be watching and that includes your ISP, Government or any third-party entity. What you simply need is a reliable VPN for your FireStick. With a VPN, you can stream with complete peace of mind as it will encrypt your internet connection and keep it hidden from the prying eyes.

I am not encouraging you to stream content illegally. I do not condone such activities. However, your privacy matters and it must be maintained. What if you do not intend to stream copyrighted content and still end up doing it anyway? You would not want to be penalized for an unintentional mistake. 

I have been using ExpressVPN for a long while and confidently recommend it as the best, fastest and safest VPN for FireStick.

Let me show you how to start using a VPN on FireStick under 2-minute.

#1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN: Click HERE to subscribe to ExpressVPN. You can save up to 49% on the annual plan. ExpressVPN also offers a 30-Day full refund guarantee in the event you are not satisfied with it. However, if you intend to use a VPN, I don’t see any reason why you would want to opt out of it.

#2. Look up for ExpressVPN on FireStick: You can download ExpressVPN from Amazon Store. From the home-screen of your FireStick, select the Search function (top-left) and look up for ExpressVPN.

vpn for firestick

#3. Download & Install ExpressVPN on FireStick: Open the ExpressVPN icon on the next screen. Now click the Download option as you see on this window. Wait for the ExpressVPN app to download and install

expressvpn firestick

#4. Sign into ExpressVPN on FireStick: Launch ExpressVPN on your device and click Sign in on the bottom of the first screen. Enter your login credentials on the following window and click Sign in again

login vpn on firestick

#5. Connect ExpressVPN on FireStick: Click the connection button to connect to VPN. You can connect to the default server ExpressVPN has already chosen for you based on your location or you could pick any other region/server of your choice.

connect expressvpn on fire stick

Once you have secured FireStick with ExpressVPN, you can start streaming with peace of mind.

How to Access and Use Mobdro on FireStick

There are multiple ways to access any app on FireStick. Here is how you can launch Mobdro:

  1. Press the Home button on the FireStick remote for approximately 5 seconds. A window will be displayed. Click Apps
  2. Or, you may go to the Your Apps & Channels category on the home screen of FireStick. Now, navigate to the far right and click See All
  3. Or, go to Settings from the home screen. Now, navigate to Applications >> Manage Installed Applications >> Mobdro >> Launch application

Now that you know how to open the app, let’s learn how to use Mobdro on FireStick.

During the first launch, the app may ask you to upgrade to a newer version. It is best that you do follow the onscreen instructions and update Mobdro to the latest version.

Next, accept the license agreement when prompted by clicking Agree

how to install and use mobdro on firestick

This is the main screen of the Mobdro app on FireStick

set up mobdro on firestick

On the top, there is a row of categories that includes Channels, Shows, News, Movies, Music, Sports, Gaming, Tech, and more. In other words, it has all the categories you could ask for.

If you wish to explore all the channels at one place, click the Channels category on the top.

If you have something specific in your mind or you want to look up by the name of the channel, you may use the search option whose icon is available in the top-left corner of the Mobdro main screen. Next to this icon is the Favorite icon (heart) which lets you quickly access all the channels you have marked as your favorite.

The Settings row is on the bottom of the main screen. You will want to scroll down for it. It has options including Quit, ADS, UI Mode (toggles between Phone and TV modes), Hardware Decoding, Language, Sorting, Parental Filter, etc.

There isn’t much more to Mobdro FireStick app. For the rest, install the app and explore it yourself.

Alternate Method to Install Mobdro on Firestick (ES File Explorer)

I have provided the instructions to install Mobdro using the Downloader app. I decided you might be interested in an alternate process in case the first one doesn’t work.

Please note that if you have already installed Mobdro on FireStick, you don’t need this alternate method. Go on and enjoy the app.

ES File Explorer is a useful app to have. So, install it anyway even if you don’t need it to sideload Mobdro. This app is also available through Amazon Store and you can look up for it using the Search function on your FireStick home screen.

Here are the steps to install Mobdro on FireStick using ES File Explorer:

1- Either click Tools > Download manager on the left or open Downloader icon on the right of the ES Explorer main screen

how to install mobdro on firestick using es file explorer

2- Click the option +New next

mobdro firestick

3- When this window is displayed, enter this URL: https://www.firestickhow.com/mob

If you want, you can name the source. You could also leave the Name field blank

Click Download now

how to install mobdro on firestick

4- Click Open file when this dialogue is displayed once ES File Explorer has finished downloading the Mobdro APK

mobdro firestick

5- Click Install on the next window

mobdro on firestick

6- Scroll down a little when this window is displayed

how to install mobdro on firestick

7- Now click Install

mobdro firestick

8- Wait for the installation to finish and the notification App installed to appear. Click Open and run Mobdro on FireStick.

how to install mobdro on firestick

That will be all.


Mobdro is one of the most looked up live TV apps for FireStick. This app features a wide range of satellite channels from all around the globe. It lets you stream TV in various categories including Movies, Shows, Music, News, and more. It is an easy way to cut the cord and watch TV on your FireStick.

The interface of Mobdro is easy to use. However, it requires both vertical and horizontal scrolling. This makes things a bit inconvenient. However, overall, Mobdro is a great app to have.

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