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How to Install Downloader on an Android TV Box


Downloader is an application that lets you download various files from the web into the Android TV box and many other devices. The downloading process is simple. You will have to type the required URL and download the file directly from the website without having the necessity to open them. The app also facilitates an in-built browser, with which you can download your files from the web pages. With this fast browser, you can also browse the internet as you do with the other browsers. It has all the features which are present in the top tier browsers.

Downloader is one of the best applications for accessing files from the internet and downloading them to a device. It has been especially useful for me with the Amazon Firestick when I was trying to obtain apps that are not on the Amazon store. I would consider it an essential application for sideloading purposes on a variety of devices. The most updated version is available in the Google Play Store on devices running for Android TV OS – you just need to know where to look!

Downloader Features

  • Downloader is an app for downloading and side-loading the *.apk files for third-party applications which you cannot find it on Google Play Store.
  • Once installed, Downloader automatically starts to install the applications that you find.
  • Downloader application also gives the option of deleting the original installation file which might be malicious in the future.
  • Downloader application allows you to interact with the interface using the remote thereby eliminating the necessity to connect a mouse or a keyboard.
  • The user interface is simple and interactive.

Here are step-by-step instructions to install download for the Android TV box and enjoy all its facilities.

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How to Install Downloader on Android TV Box

Installing a Downloader application for Android TV boxes is not a difficult process. You should follow the below guide to install it without any faults and errors.

Open Google Play Store

1. The first step involved in the installation of the downloader application for Android TV is the opening of the Google Play Store.

2. In the next step, you must search for “AFTVnews.” The application comes in the search results. Then click Downloader to open the installation screen.

how to install downloader on android tv box

3. Click the install button available on the installation screen. This will move the application to start its installation process.

downloader on android box

4. After some time, the installation process of the downloader application is complete. Now press ‘open’ to open the application or return to the home screen and then open the application.

android box downloader

Verification and basic installation

1. After the installation process, the verification process takes place. This process ensures that the application is properly installed on your system.

2. After opening the application, the application asks for accessing the media, contacts, and others. You should click allow to let Downloader proceed with the process.

downloader app for android tv

3. You’ll then see the release notes and details. You should press “ok” to proceed with the process.

install downloader on android box

Access to Unknown Sources

1. Find the URL for downloading the browser extension link for the downloader application. If the installation of application from unknown sources option is not enabled in your Android TV box, you will get prompted to go for the settings. Press the settings button in such a case.

downloader app

2. Turn the unknown sources on for the downloader application and make sure that the option is slid on. The file automatically gets downloaded in the system.

how to install downloader on android tv

Installing Additional Files

1. After the application gets downloaded from some of the external sources, you click the install button. The installation wizard opens up. This is the stage where the additional file for the application starts to install.

downloader on android box

2. After some time, the application gets installed. It is the last stage of the project where the complete application gets installed on the Android TV box.

android tv box downloader app

3. After the installation process, click done to complete and close the installation wizard screen.

how to install downloader on android tv box

Delete the Installation Files

1. Find the downloaded file and click the delete button to get rid of the installation file.

downloader apk on android box

2. Click delete again for confirmation purposes and permanently remove the installation files.

install downloader apk

Enabling JavaScript on Downloader

1. JavaScript is an important tool for enabling the websites and webpages to load faster than the usual rate and also reduces the bandwidth of the internet provider. It also helps to fill the web page data in a dynamic manner such as drop-down lists. JavaScript enabling also provides interoperability and houses a rich interface

downloader app for android tv box

2. Click Settings to open and enable the JavaScript enabling.

3. Find JavaSCript enabling URL online and enter the link in the address bar and download the JavaScript link.

4. In the settings press the enable JavaScript which enables the JavaScript in the built-in web browser.

Downloader for Android TV Box – Get Your Third-Party Apps

The downloader application has grown to be of the most popular applications for downloading and installing third-party applications and services on devices like Android TV box, NVIDIA SHIELD, and much more. The downloader application is simple to use. This makes the downloader application one of the most favorable downloading applications for Android TV and other online streaming hardware. With a simple procedure of a few clicks, you can make the application installed onto your Android TV box. You can download various types of files like music, videos, games, applications, and much more. Downloader is a great guide for the people to avail applications utilize it to the largest extent.

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