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How to Install the 13 Clowns Kodi Addon

You can consider the 13 Clowns Kodi addon as a search engine of sorts. It finds titles and then delivers them to you in shortlisted categories. When you select a title from any of these categories, the addon sources the relevant media files using a scraper. 13 Clowns uses a scraper called Civitas for this purpose which is one of the most popular ones available for Kodi.

13 Clowns is a Kodi addon that recently came back to life. While it has been around for a while, it stopped and has only returned recently. After testing and using it for a while, I thought it was one that was worth sharing with you as it not only provides you with movies and TV shows like Exodus and Seren, it also has a back catalog of old movies that are sorted by decade. In addition, there is a monthly spotlight section plus other movies categorized as developer favorites.

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How to Install 13 Clowns Kodi Addon

When installing Kodi addons, there are three main steps:

  1. Enable unknown sources – this is so that you can install the third party addon
  2. Install the repository – this has all of the files for the addon
  3. Install the addon – these files are contained in the repository.

Due to the recent changes, if you’ve used this addon in the past, you need to ensure that you update your repository URL as it has changed.

Enable Unknown Sources

Kodi by default blocks the installation of third-party addons for security reasons. However, with 13 Clowns you will need to enable this to proceed. To do this follow the instructions below.

1. You first need to get into the settings for Kodi. Simply click on the cog wheel icon at the top left of your screen. Remember this location as you will be doing this several times throughout the process of installing the 13 Clowns addon.

how to install 13 Clowns kodi addon

2. You now need to access the nuts and bolts of the system. Click on the System option at the bottom right of the screen.

13 Clowns kodi addon

3. On the left of the screen you will see a list of options to choose from. Scroll down the list to the Add-ons section and then in the main screen, click on Unknown sources to move the slider to the right.

13 Clowns addon

4. As already mentioned, Kodi by default blocks the installation of third-party addons. As such, you will receive a warning when you make this change. Do not worry about this as this addon is completely safe. However, if you are worried for any reason, you can easily change this back to the old configuration by simply sliding the Unknown sources slider back after you’ve installed the addon. Right now click on Yes to proceed.

13 Clowns

Hit escape or back to get back to the main home screen.

Install the 13 Clowns Repository

We are now ready to start the installation of the addon and as previously mentioned the first step is installing the repository onto your device. To do this, simply follow the steps below.

1. Click on Settings (cog icon) as you did earlier.

how to get 13 Clowns addon on kodi

2. This time instead of System, you’re going to select File Manager from the System menu.

13 Clowns video addon

3. Double click on Add source on the next screen

how to download 13 Clowns addon on firestick

4. You are now going to add the repository source, so click on the <None> option to bring up the next screen.

13 Clowns kodi video addon

5. Type in the following – https://the13clowns.github.io/ – exactly as shown and then click on OK.

kodi 13 Clowns addon

6. You now need to name the repository so that you can find it easily. Call it 13Clowns so that it’s easy to find and remember and then click on OK again.

13 Clowns kodi

OK, let’s go back to the home screen and get to the next step which is installing the repository now that you’ve set the path. There are two ways to do this, the first is clicking on Add-ons and then the open box icon to get to the addon browser. That’s one way. There is another which is a bit easier which I will walk you through below.

7. Click on the cog icon to access the System menu.

kodi settings

8. Instead of File Manager or System, we’re going to choose another option this time. Click on the Add-ons option

kodi addons settings

9. From the Add-on browser menus, select Install from zip file to proceed

install 13 Clowns from zip file

10. Select 13Clowns (or whatever you named the repository) from the list and then click OK.

how to get 13 Clowns kodi addon

11. On the next screen, you will see a file name similar to repository.13clowns-x.x.x.zip. In my case it 4.0.6 but it is possible that this number will be different for you. Select it and then click OK to install the repository onto your system.

13 Clowns kodi addon installation guide

12. Wait a little while as the repository installs itself. You’ll get a message on the top right of your screen stating that the repository is installed. That’s when you know you can move on to the next stage.

how to install 13 Clowns kodi addon

13. You’re almost done now and we can get on to the next stage which is installing the actual addon from the repository. Click on Install from repository to get started.

install from repository

14. From the list of available repositories, scroll down the list to find the correct one as shown. Do not get frightened away by the clown!

how to install 13 Clowns

15. From the list of available options presented, scroll down to Video add-ons and click it to go to the next screen.

13 Clowns video addon

16. Select 13Clowns from the list provided to you. Once again – make sure you ignore the scary clown!

kodi 13 Clowns

17. Click Install on the bottom right of your screen to start the installation process.

how to install 13 Clowns addon on kodi

18. You will now be informed about all of the additional files that get installed when you install this addon. You can scroll through this list if you’d like or just ignore it and click on OK to accept this message. (Pro Tip: Ignore it. It will save time and it’s not really relevant)

13 Clowns

19. Wait for the message to slide out from the top right again that the 13Clowns addon has been installed. This is similar to the message you received when the repository was installed and again it will slide out from the top right of your screen.

how to use 13 Clowns kodi addon

20. You have now successfully installed the 13Clowns Addon on Kodi! Congratulations! You can find it on your home screen by clicking the Add-ons menu option. Simply select 13Clowns to launch the addon.

13 Clowns kodi addon

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As you can see, installing addons in Kodi is not that difficult even though there are many steps to follow. You’ll find that each step follows logically from the preceding one and it’s really quite quick. Once you’ve got 13 Clowns installed on your system, you’ll find that it has lots of interesting content available for your viewing pleasure.

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